IT partner for ambitious teams & leaders

We’re a Europe-based team of IT experts that provides IT consulting and management services, as well as develops its own software. While the IT industry is still at large geared towards needs of corporations, we explore technologies that could be useful at smaller scale, while being cost-effective, easy-to-use and maintainable.

“Plug & Play”

We provide ad-hoc services and base our relationships with clients on trust, not dependency.

“Own Your Data”

We help clients regain and preserve full control over their business data and information systems.

“Keep It Simple”

We strive to keep complexity down, even if that requires going against the grain of the industry.

Core services

  • Executive-level IT consulting.
  • SaaS integration development.
  • Database and booking app development.
  • IT infrastructure design and administration.
  • Data storage systems for photo & film production.
  • Secure private servers and storage solutions.
  • Corporate email and groupware solutions.

Special expertise

  • Domain name management, including acquisition support.
  • SuperSaaS consulting and integration development.
  • Airtable consulting and app development.
  • Google Workspace support.
Our key clients are ISTA Group (ISTA Systems, ISTA Technics) and Andy Fiord (Andy Fiord Production, Andy Fiord Lab).
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Telegram: @dae_io